Float Therapy

Sensory Deprivation
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Floatation Therapy is a luxurious way to soothe and heal the body from the constant stress of life's daily pressure you can leave the noise and confusion behind and perhaps, for the first time in your life, experience total relaxation and deep healing in your private, peaceful space ... it is truly the ultimate ESCAPE!

Floating is part therapy, part meditation, part transcendence, and all relaxation. Classically known as “sensory deprivation”, floatation therapy is suitable for professionals, athletes, meditators and everyone in between, including children and the elderly.

Several commercial floatation therapy tanks were developed in the late 20th century. These floatation therapy tanks established the basic format of a closed chamber with about 25 cm (10 inches) of skin temperature Epsom Salts solution. Epsom Salt is used because it raises the density of the water, making it easy to float, and because it has a silky feel which is very good for the skin.

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